Tokyo Marathon one of the world’s six grand Slam events

Tokyo Marathon one of the world’s six grand Slam events

As the successor of the six Grand Slams, the Tokyo Marathon is a world platinum standard track and field event certified by world Athletics (WA) and hosted by the Tokyo Marathon Organizing Committee. In 2013, Tokyo Marathon was included into the world Marathon Six Grand Slam events, and in 2020, Tokyo Marathon was selected as one of the first world athletics platinum standard events.

In February 2007, the first Tokyo Marathon opened with 35,000 runners, including specially invited runners from home and abroad. The race passes through Tokyo’s nihonbashi, Asakusa Ramen, Ginza, Hibiya and other scenic spots. On the day of the race, various events will be held at various locations along the route to celebrate the grand Marathon and support the runners. For example, in front of Asakusa Thunder Gate, a tourist resort in Tokyo, local traditional festivals such as golden dragon dance and Asakusa Dagu are held. At BIGSAITO, Tokyo, the end of the marathon, people can watch performances such as sedan chair lifting and samba dancing. The route became the best place to watch the marathon and was crowded with visitors. At other event venues, residents, high school students and civic groups along the way performed music, songs, dances, cheerleading and traditional performances to bring the whole Tokyo together, as well as to make the numerous participants and spectators enjoy the festival. It was a day in marathon history when runners and volunteers, as well as spectators along the way, melted together and all of Tokyo became one. For the finishers, they will receive metal medals 

In 2009, the third Tokyo Marathon, the race was so popular that 260,000 people signed up for the draw, far more than the previous year. The required number of applicants was 7.5 times the number of runners, and 35,000 people participated in the marathon.
In 2020, all but 207 elite runners were cancelled due to the pandemic. In October 2020, it was decided to reschedule the 2021 marathon to October 17, 2021. In June 2021, Tokyo Marathon announced that overseas runners would not be able to participate in the 2021 marathon due to the impact of the epidemic, and the qualification would be retained until 2023. On September 6, Japanese media reported that the Tokyo Marathon scheduled for October 17 was suspended due to the epidemic, and whether it could be rescheduled has not been confirmed.

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