What is lapel pins use for

What is lapel pins use for

Lapel pins and badges as a common jewelry, are not only used for decoration, but also can be used as a commemorative logo of identity and brand. Badges  can also be customized as commemorative gifts in various occasions, and can also be used as one of the promotional gifts.

Lapel pins and badges are common souvenirs, including MEDALS, badges, and coins.  

Each gift has a different commemorative purpose.  The Medal of Honor, for example, is usually given to people who have done significant work.  MEDALS are given to people who have done merit.  Commemorative coins are used to commemorate something or a person.   badges are more versatile, so they can be used for all of those functions.

Because the small and convenient badge is more loved by the public, and the badge in European countries has always had a higher commodity charm, a variety of different unique designs stand out, mixed with different technology, become more beautiful. If you also want to turn your design into a badge of presence, you can visit https://www.yh-medal.com/custom-lapel-pins/, they are located in southern China, a place called Shenzhen, which is well dependent on planes and seaports exporting to the world. It has an independent factory, a combination of hundreds of processes, and decades of experience. They sell their products all over the world, and when they place an order, they deliver it by the specified date

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