The role of lapel pins in large events

The role of lapel pins in large events

Each large cooperation project will have a logo as the theme of this meeting, showing the importance of the two companies to the project cooperation.
If you observe carefully, you will find that many large cooperative companies will use the logos of both companies to make one or two badges, as both sides attach importance to this cooperation.

Usually using the LOGO of two companies, custom-made LOGO pin badges of two companies, will be produced before the project is determined, after the project is determined, two badges will be distributed to each employee involved in the project, indicating the importance and participation of the project cooperation.
Secondly, as the publicity activity of the cooperation project, it usually takes the purpose of the cooperation project as the symbol or combines the logos of the two companies as the badge content, and then customize a batch of badges as the badges for external publicity. Details often make or break things. When everything is done right, everything else will follow.

If your company is preparing for an important partnership, pay attention to the details. When you make a preliminary plan, you will find that things are already going the way you want. Because when your partner company sees your attention to this project, they will also pay attention to the operation of this project, and then work together to do this thing better.

However, the quality of the lapel pin badges  is also one of your attitude towards this cooperation, if you want a good quality badges , then you can find the badge you want at  They are located in the south of China, a place called Shenzhen, and are well dependent on planes and seaports that export to the world.  It has an independent factory, a combination of hundreds of processes, and decades of experience.  Their products are sold all over the world, as long as they place an order, they will be in the specified date to order the number, and the best thing in addition to the service is the quality of their products, what you see must be perfect metal badges.


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