What winning running medals means to a runner

Before the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, popular marathons in every country were “hard to get”, but with the success of the fight against the virus, marathons are now back in the top tier of sporting events.
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What does it mean to get a running medals ?

Keep track of your struggles

The process of participating in the event is the process of struggle, the preparation experienced before the event, the process of hard work and courageously forward, this is a process of struggle, no matter whether the final medal or not, to participate in this event is to challenge themselves and the performance and proof of this event on the way, the challenge and perseverance in the spirit of sport, is the proof of struggle.

Medals represent success

Getting the finish medal is the symbol of the completion of the race, which proves that you have participated in the race and achieved success, and it is the concrete expression of the completion of the goal. The moment you get the medal means the success of the race, you have gone through the hard journey and the difficult moment, you have completed the difficult challenge, and whether you have defeated yourself again, getting the medal is the best proof.

Medals represent honor

For most runners, breaking 21K and 42K is not a simple matter. To complete the challenge and obtain the proof of achievement, turn it into a medal reward, complete the display of the result of the competition, the medal is hung on the chest, let others see the honor, the moment they get the medal excited, is undoubtedly the most direct way to express their emotions.

sense of ceremony

MEDALS are also part of the ritual at sporting events. When you finish the event, the organizer will give you a medal. This is a tribute to your fighting spirit. Winning this hard-won medal is also a milestone in life

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