Why medal awards are important in the military

Medal Awards

The meaning of the medal awards

The meaning of the medal is far greater than the price of making the medal itself. The shining medals worn by soldiers on their chests are historical witnesses dedicated to rewarding those who have made outstanding achievements in military construction such as combat, training, duty, and scientific research. This is a military supreme honor. Because of the meaning it carries and the patriotic enthusiasm it inspires, it has already surpassed its own value. To be precise, they are like charging horns, inspiring soldiers to fight bloody battles to defend their homes and country.

The origin of the medal award

Military medals have a long history. In 1725, King George I of England launched the Order of Bath. Later, European countries followed suit, and medals became a common product to reward soldiers. The Victoria Cross, the highest military order in the United Kingdom, was established by Queen Victoria in 1856; the French Legion of Honor was established in 1804, and has been well inherited despite several regime changes. The first military medal in the United States dates back to 1756 before independence, and the first military medal was the Loyalty Medal awarded during the Revolutionary War. As for the Medal of Honor, the highest military medal in the United States, it was established by Congress as early as 1862, and more than 3,000 pieces have been issued today.

Medal award style

Although there are many medal awards, they are clearly hierarchical and strictly worn. At present, the common badges can be divided into military exploits, personal awards, war service awards, and medals issued by foreign troops. Basically, there are no repeated designs. Even if a medal has been won many times, it will be attached to the same ribbon. Represents different amounts of metal trim
The material of the medal is mainly a metal medal, and the metal product is hung with a ribbon, and the pin on the back is fixed on the clothes.

Why medal awards are important in the military