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Spinning medal customized

Spinning medals are very special among many medals.

Usually made of zinc alloy, the product is composed of more than two parts, and the products are linked by stainless steel bearings.

You only need to gently rotate the product with your fingers to rotate the medal 360 degrees.

Where can I order a spin medal?
Customized medals, Yuehui gift medals are your best partner.Shenzhen Yuehui Gifts is a very experienced manufacturer of bespoke medals, and many other metal crafts products in China.

Just for your information, we have supplied medals to lots of famous sport events around the word,Lions Run for Charity, Halloween Run in Alaska, USA, Christmas Run in England, etc.

Reasons for choosing us:
1. Free design and cheap mold cost. The mold fee for medals is usually USD50-125.
2. Fast speed, it only takes 3-7 days to make samples, and the production cycle can be compressed to 1 week.
3. The MOQ is small, 1 piece
4. The production line is perfect. There are independent mold, design, development departments, and sophisticated engraving machines to complete customers’ products in a timely and accurate manner
5. There are many kinds of products, we can provide more than 2000 styles for customers’ reference.

Zinc alloy
2-sided 3D design
gold /silver /black nickel /nickel /Antique copper and ect.
Soft Enamel Coloring
custom made
60mm-10mm  diameter, 4mm thick
Custom made sublimation ribbon

All products shown in this site are only demonstrations of our workmanship and producing ability.

They are all custom made, and they all belong to our customers.
Do you have your own design of medals that you would like us to custom produce for you?
Contact us at fyuehuigift@gmail.com