The best type of promotional keychains

According to official statistics from the International Trade Association(, custom key chains are the most popular promotion item among low-value products.  From the point of view of company operation, providing consumers with promotional products they like can better improve the performance of your company.  Find The best type of promotional keychains  now

1, personalized bottle opener keychain .customized personalized bottle opener keychain is convenient to carry dual-use tools.  You can design the shapes you like and add your promotional messages to attract customers

2,Enamel keychains. Of all the keychain types, enamel keychains are the most popular. Variety of styles and colors. You can customize anything you want, and it can be used for a long time without fading

3,Company logo keychains .Using your company logo to customize key chains can quickly improve your brand exposure. This is the most popular business gift, and the affordable price has become the preferred key chain for many business operators

4,Custom  3D keychains . A solid keychain is suitable for any model. Whether it’s a car, a badminton, a football or something, it can be designed as a key chain.

5,key share keychains .With a solid, realistic 3D look, the keychain is the perfect complement to your real estate business and decoration company, a memorable gift for employees and customers, or a unique and extraordinary promotional item.  These classic key-shaped objects exude the highest quality and substance when held and viewed

We have many more custom keychain types to share with you in the next article. What do you think is The best type of promotional keychains. You can contact us via the form and let us know what you think. If you need a custom promotional keychain, you can send your design to our email: