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custom made metal trophy

Custom trophy ,Made in China . Customized metal trophy, music trophy,

sports trophy, best employee trophy, various kinds of awards

custom trophy cups

We are very good at custom trophy , producing high-quality trophies for concerts, basketball games, companies, sports meets, and awards ceremonies.

Achievement Awards

Three-dimensional flower shape, rose gold plating. Suitable for various award ceremonies. 

Shining golden football trophy in recognition of the motivation of players, coaches and volunteers

Customize the unique shape of the trophy, which can be any geometric figure or other shape

Our eye-catching design is made with the highest quality materials, which guarantees quality while maintaining budget!

Use a mold to make a metal trophy,The first choice for high-end trophies

Use K9 glass to make translucent trophies, the biggest highlight of the award ceremony

Clients Reviews for custom trophy awards

Every trophy is hard-won, and the winner has made a lot of effort to win this glory that belongs to him. Let the trophy remember their efforts

Yuehui and I have been cooperating for 5 years, and every year I am here to customize trophies for outstanding students.
Aada Laine
I am very satisfied with the service of yh-medalf.com and have never disappointed me
Caitlynn Potts
I have customized the trophy 4 times here, and I am so satisfied. Almost perfect products
Alisa Hester

Trophy awards factory

Celebrate special achievements with high-quality trophies and medals

The trophy at the music festival is the greatest affirmation to the singers and commends their contributions to music. The culture of the company has a significant impact on the motivation of employees. A hierarchical reward and punishment system is a prerequisite for cultivating outstanding employees. The trophy in the field of medical science makes scientific researchers feel gratified.
Trophies are the perfect way to express gratitude or recognize outstanding achievements. They are easy to display and can be neatly arranged to show off multiple achievements or create a wall of high achievers to inspire and motivate others.Yuehui Gifts always insist on using the best raw materials to make trophies and prizes. Our products guarantee that you will find a plaque that fits perfectly with your corporate culture. Whether it is fashion, the driving force of focusing on results, or creative bold innovation, Yuehui can provide you with all the designs required by the public, and make your employees (winners) proud!

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