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Custom coffee stirrers is made of 304 stainless steel or environmentally friendly zinc alloy, and the length of 8 inches is suitable for mixing cocktails, whiskey, hot cocoa, creamer, etc. Metal materials can not only be reused, but also can withstand high and low temperatures. You can choose this special mixing spoon as a gift for family and friends during holidays or celebrations

The best custom cocktail stirrers to buy 2021

Custom coffee stirrers is very popular among customers. Each coffee blender can be printed with the company logo. We accept your creative design, it can be any shape, size, color.You can also customize the packaging to improve the grade of your blender

Advantages of custom coffee blender:
1. Mass production and cheap price.
2. Personalized customization can better enhance brand exposure
3. The metal material is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. More practical
4. Environmental protection, reusable and recyclable

Different types of coffee Stirrers

Total price = quantity * unit price + Mold cost

Different types of coffee Stirrers

Custom-made luxurious metal coffee spoon, any shape can be customized

Professional coffee stirrer manufacturer

Yuehui Gifts Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and wholesale of various business gifts and promotional gifts. Our coffee spoons are usually made of German titanium electroplating process, non-coating dyeing. Our products can be rich in color, non-fading, non-fading, and can contact with food. We use mirror polishing technology for each product, the surface of the product is smooth, round, and does not scratch human skin.
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