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customized keychains bulk

All of our custom keychains are molded in bulk. The keychain’s design is engraved into a stainless steel mold via CNC engraving. Then it is formed by zinc alloy die-casting or copper or iron material stamping. Each keychain is unique as it is a product carefully carved from a mold

Each key chain is unique because it is a product that has been carefully sculpted through a mold.  Company Logo Keychains is the best promotional gift for enterprises.  When the company gives out the key chain. It is also a good opportunity for the company . Customers to communicate and touch.  Along with the keychain owner carrying, can also provide a good exposu.

As a professional personalized keychains manufacturer. we have been engaged incustomized keychain wholesale production for more than 11 years.  We take pride in producing high quality custom business key chains.  Have you ever wondered what a high quality metal keychains  is?

Keychain color is bright and colorfast

We use environmentally friendly electroplating and paint.  The environment-friendly electroplating is not harmful to human body.The brightly colored paint can be preserved for a long time without fading

Customize different keychain shapes and colors

We accept custom keyrings of any shape, size and color.

Keychain Holder comes in over 20 different styles to meet your custom requirements

Quality metal texture

The surface of the products is smooth and high polishing. There is no burr on the corner of the products,  no scratching of hands

Professional key chain factory, give you a variety of process options

As a very professional key chain factory, we take “Quality First” as the operating principle.  We use high quality materials and advanced technology to produce products.  In terms of metal color of products, we provide up to 20 metal colors.  In terms of accessories, we have more than 15 choices. We can also make accessories according to your requirements.

custom spinning keychains two tone plating

The middle coin can be rotated to engrave the contents on both sides

custom cartoon Keychain monkey

The most popular process, the raised part is metal, the concave part is filled with color

Custom 3D keychains motor

Floating keychains.Whether it is a car, motorcycle or any other three-dimensional graphics, can be made into a small key ring

Custom hard enamel Keychains flower

High-end key chain production preferred process.  The surface of the key chain will feel like ceramic.  Similar to cloisonne craft

Key rings are made by stamping or die-casting to retain the metallic feel.  The raised metal is solid.  The concave metal is frosted

school badge spinning keychains

Key rings are made by stamping or die-casting to retain the metallic feel.  The raised metal is solid.  The concave metal is frosted

customized keychains bulk

Our factory will be your best advertising partners. We  try our best to complete the Company Logo Keychains large quantities . Custom business Keychains is easy to find.  You just need to order online, whether you order 10,000, 100,000, 1 million, or even more, we will complete it for you on time

You may have finished your Company Logo Keychains design before you contacted me.  Maybe you’re working on your design, too.  Or you don’t have a clue.  Don’t worry, contact me via email or Whatsapp.  We are committed to making your vision a reality.  Just provide the draft and tell us what you want and let’s work together.

After you complete the preliminary design communication, we will provide you with Digital Proof. If you have any questions, we will answer them for you.  At the same time, we will revise the design for you until you are satisfied

Mass production of key chains can reduce your cost.  In principle, the higher the quantity, the lower the price in relative terms.  Before you can confirm the order, you need to check the design drawings and Digital Proof, check the dimensions, confirm the workmanship and manufacturing details.  You also need to check the contents of the English contract, unit price, payment terms, delivery date, and mode of transportation.  Throughout the process, we will have a professional salesman for your one-to-one service.

Once you confirm that your design is in production, it will be made according to the style and process requirements you decide on.  Production process: Digital Proof, programming, CNC mold, heat treatment mold, die casting, polishing, electroplating, filling color, assembly accessories, packaging, delivery.

Usually we need -10-15 days to produce.  When the quantity exceeds 100,000, the time will be extended. After the production is completed, the goods will be transported to your country by air or sea.  It may be a long wait.  Unpacking the boxes after receiving the goods will be the most interesting part for you.  After you receive the goods, please check the quantity and quality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We will provide you with complete after-sales service.

wholesale custom keychains

Customized engraved metal keychains minimum order quantity:50pcs ,free shipping