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Originated from a factory in China, we are focus on custom lapel pins with rich experience, our high quality production and fast delivery  has won the trust of global customers, now contact us for free design and advice.We  will be your best enamel pin manufacturer.

Custom enamel pins no minimum

We have 11 different exquisite crafts, Make Your own Pins. Let you enjoy the quality at the same time, get a very preferential price

Close to the quality of cloisonne, it is the first choice for high-end custom lapel pins

The raised metal lines and the concave parts are filled with paint. It is the best choice for mass customization of lapel pins

AIDS promotion pin

Adding a crystal stone to the lapel pin makes the lapel pin look shiny and stylish

The smooth metal surface and thickness are suitable for designs that require larger relief or cubic or micro size

Make gradient patterns and complex patterns by UV printing/offset printing

No matter which school it is, whether it is a circle, shield or rectangle school logo, we can make it

Luminous hard enamel lapel pins-2

Add phosphor into the hard enamel process/soft enamel process to make the lapel pin glow in the dark


Add glitter in the process of making the lapel pin, so that the lapel pin can fully shine in the crowd

Custom badges are suitable for any occasion. In government, hospitals, hotels, and companies

die-casting pin badges

Cut out a uniquely shaped letter lapel pin with an elegant metallic texture

Butterfly clutch pin,custom made rose enamel pin.

antique stick pins

Stick pins are similar to suit pins.But they are longer 


shirt pin,custom cool lapel pins for your coat and collection 


Enamel hat pins,hat pins for sale

magnetic name badges

Custom name badges  are good way to showcase your business

presidential flag pin

Custom country flag pins,world flag ,crossed flag pins

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Need custom pin badges? Want the best price? has been committed to providing high-quality lapel pins to customers all over the world. We can handle any enamel pin  design, logo or idea, pattern and turn it into your own custom pin badges. Our manufacturing plant uses the latest technology and advanced production equipment, so that our customers can choose from a variety of options. From more than 20 kinds of non-ferrous metals such as black, white, gold, silver, red or blue to support international Pantone color cards, pendant, glitter and glow.
Customizing products in Yuehui Gifts Co., Ltd. is quick and easy.


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