how to display medals

How to Display Medals at Home?Today we will teach you some methods that work well

For many runners who like to collect medals, a well-designed and well-made medal is enough of a reason to enter a race. Many runners have countless beautiful medals to show their achievements and love for running.
So, after you’ve sweated out a race, crossed the finish line, and hung up that long-awaited medal, how do you collect those finisher medals?

Use a simple medal display stand

You can choose a medal display stand to display your medals. Like hanging clothes.

Display Medals -2

Display with photo frame

Using photo frames to display medals is a very good way. Because the photo frame display can prevent the medal from being exposed to dust and humid air. In an environment that is isolated from moisture, medals can be stored for a longer time without fading.

Display medals

Show off your running record on the stairs.

If you take a picture every time you participate in a marathon, it will be kept as a souvenir. You can print and seal your entry photos in a photo frame, place one photo on each ladder, and place the finisher’s medal in the corresponding event.

Christmas is coming. If your Christmas tree is short of decorations, your finisher’s medal will be an excellent choice.

There are many ways to display medals. Do you have a better opinion? Feel free to let us know.
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