Graduation season is upon us.  The first batch of post-00s college students (those born in 2000) set out on a new journey in life.  The 4-year college life is a valuable experience and memory in everyone’s life.  On the day of the event, what Graduation gifts should schools give to students?

custom school badges.  (school badge) is short for school badge, is one of the symbols of a school, its main purpose is to identify personnel, holding memorial, and through the design, text introduces the nature of the school and discipline, at the same time also give the wearer when wearing the crest in virtually increased the discipline of the, standardize the behavior of students, raise public awareness of the school.  Reflect the characteristics of the school, let people easy to remember


Custom key ring.  The school gives them to students or teachers through customized and personalized key chains.  Key chain in daily life is very practical, is everyone can not leave the life of small tools.  Personalized key chains can be engraved with the school’s message to the graduates, or the school rules, culture, quotes and so on
 The minimum order quantity is 100

Custom bottle opener.  A bottle opener is a must-have tool at every party, and is a common kitchen tool.  A custom bottle opener is a gift of heart.  The bottle opener can be designed around the school’s iconic buildings, or the most popular and scenic areas of the school.  Custom bottle openers can be keychain type or fridge magnets type

Custom medals.  If your school has a sports day or a competition before graduation season.  A custom medal would make a great gift.  If you need high grade packing boxes, we offer you a variety of choices

We’ll keep you updated on graduation gifts.