How to Customize corporate logo gifts

Customize corporate logo gifts

Enterprises need to expand their business, not only by the salesman to follow up, but also need to develop many other channels of expansion, such as participating in some industry exhibitions, many potential customers will go to the exhibition. At the same time, enterprises can also hold some promotional activities, lottery activities and so on.

Nowadays, enterprises give gifts not only as simple as giving gifts, but also hope to make customers remember their company’s name and product brand while conveying friendship.
Company website, so many enterprises will choose to print the logo on the gift, because of the variety of gifts, the material is completely different, you can print the logo surface
The product size is also different, and the gift color can be chosen at will.

Customize corporate logo gifts need to pay attention to what some things

1,Gift portability

When Customize corporate logo gifts , the portability of gifts should also be taken into account, because in many cases, the gifts given by enterprises have certain practicability, and customers prefer to use these gifts. If they will use them often, they will carry them with them. Therefore, portability should be taken into account when formulating exhibition gifts. It is best to develop and give some easy to carry gifts, so as to better play the role of the gift itself.


Function and practicality are also an important factor of exhibition gifts, because the main purpose of the company to give exhibition gifts is to let more people know and remember their company, if the exhibition gifts do not have the function and practicality, the customers will basically throw it away after giving it to the customers, it is difficult to play the promotion and marketing effect. Therefore, we must enhance the function and practicality of exhibition gifts, so that they will appear in front of customers more

3,price factor

Every time we hold corporate activities, we need to fully consider the price factor. Control the cost, but also maximize the effect of publicity. There are many styles of corporate LOGO gifts. You also need to take into account the attributes of the industry and make gifts according to the characteristics of the industry. In this way, the influence of the enterprise can be improved

What are some commonly used enterprise LOGO gifts

1) Household daily necessities: 1, office stationery gifts such as: pens, bookmarks, pen holders, notebooks, thermos cups, etc
2, bags and gifts such as: key chain, briefcase, computer bag, handbag, etc.
3, health and leisure gifts such as: camping gift set, sports water cup, etc
4, digital electronic gifts such as: gift U disk set, digital photo frame, mobile power supply, electronic calendar, timer pen holder, humidifier electric pot, etc.
5. Fabric gifts: silk ties, business scarves,
6, furniture and home textile gifts such as: home decoration, bottle opener, refrigerator sticker, picture album, etc
7, craft special gifts such as: wood carving crafts, crystal crafts, metal plates
8, collection of commemorative gifts such as: commemorative stamp album, customized commemorative stamps, customized personalized stamps, World Expo stamp album,  lapel pin gift casting, commemorative coins, medals ,