pins for hat

Custom baseball pins for hat ,Use the most popular design materials to make your lapel pins unique.

pins for hat

Why are pins for hat so popular with young people

Lapel pins are currently the most popular toy for young people on the market. Metal lapel pins were born as early as the 19th century. Why is it still so popular? 

At present, the lapel pin can be said to be an ultra-light carrier. Designers create IP images that young people like, and then sell them in the form of blind boxes and small gifts. Collecting lapel pins is like collecting cards as a kid. Coupled with some pop culture images, certain rare pins are even more maddening to young people.


Basic requirements for designing pins for hat

Many young people like hat pins. This has a lot to do with how they dress every day. Love baseball, hip-hop, scooter and other sports and entertainment. They dress more casual, punk, and wear baseball caps to make them more personal.

In the design, we can play a bold imagination, cartoon characters, machinery, animals, balls can become the design points. Weird, maverick designs are often more noticeable

Price of custom hat pins

lapel pins are generally made of zinc alloy and processed by hard enamel /soft enamel and gold plating /die custing. Compared with fashionable products such as blind boxes, the production process is simple, mature and low cost. Therefore, the price of the finished product is generally lower than that of the blind box. The famous tide play brand not only highlights the uniqueness of the badge blind box through the secondary design and creation of the IP image from the pattern, but also innovates its form to make it more representative of the trend style of young people, so as to attract new fans “into the pit” and become an effective way for the tide play brand to attract new users.


At present, the common lapel pin price retail price of $5- $45. However, the price will be much lower when it is customized in bulk. The usual formula is:Mold cost +unit price *quantity +shipping cost 

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