types of custom keychains

What do you know about key chains?  Which Types of custom keychain is your favorite?

In most cases, the  custom car keychain  is given to the car buyer by the automobile sales chamber of commerce to hang the car keys.  As the name implies, there will be a vehicle brand logo on the label key chain, the main purpose of the business as a way of publicity.  Most of the material used in the label key chain is zinc alloy, and then on the surface by dropping oil treatment or tin plating way to carry out anti-rust engineering.  Label key chain is now used more of a type of key chain.

Custom car keychains-1

Couple keychain is now one of the most popular key chain, in the design of the overall shape of the decomposition, respectively for two lovers to use, when together is a whole, this is the main concept of lovers objects.  Meanwhile, Couple keychainare perfect for merchants to give as promotional gifts on Valentine’s Day.  The new lovers key chain is made of zinc alloy, a new material, which is more rare to highlight the special personality.  On some major holidays, key chains are customised as gifts to be given to the other party, which is both thoughtful and always visible, which is a big reason why this item is popular.

Custom logo keychains .Custom LOGO key chain is the most common and popular way.  Any company, school, store or enterprise can design key chain with their own LOGO.  That would be the best exposure

Souvenir key chain. 

Souvenir key chains are mainly made of regional characteristics in the form of key chains, which can be seen as souvenirs. Commemorative key chains will be launched when major events are held, and there will be scenic spot style commemorative key chains in some scenic spots. This type of key chain is mainly used to advertise scenic spots, and has a certain commemorative significance. Memorial key chain material is more diverse, in general, will be made according to the local unique material, very regional characteristics