Anniversary logo pins for school

Anniversary logo pins   stands out in a big ceremony or graduation ceremony 

Badge use has spread to the life of people, big to the emblem of the Olympic Games medal, giving little party to participate in outdoor activities, activities of little commemorative badges, have in the life of people everywhere, the symbolism has been overlooked.

What is the significance of customizing the Anniversary Logo pins ?

The design of the school logo pin badge is a spiritual guide and feature for the school. Different patterns are organically combined to represent different emotions and symbols. Every anniversary celebration is the precipitation of the school’s history and culture. When the school is carrying out major events such as school celebrations. Will order some school pin badges as souvenirs to alumni, current students, teachers, sponsoring companies, etc.

How to design anniversary logo for school

First of all, the school logo is the focus of the design of the school anniversary badge.  Since it is the anniversary of the school, we need to provide the founding time of the school, the theme of the activity and the slogan of the school.  Second, the badge design needs to meet the actual production requirements.  For example: color, line, size;  During badge design, frequent communication with the designer is required.  The commonly used design software are IIIustrator and coreldraw

In terms of material, it is recommended to use high-grade brass as the material for school badge pin  production, and add hard enamel /soft enamel and other technologies.  The pattern is complex or needs gradient color, can use UV printing, or printing process.  For surface treatment, electroplated/silver/black nickel deng can be used.

Finally, when we are looking for factory custom badges, we must take good design time and production time. Usually, large-scale school celebrations require a lot of lapel pins, and at least 15-20 days are reserved for production. If you need a custom beautifully packaged box, then you should reserve 30 days. From design, making samples, sample confirmation, and shipping, you need to reserve at least 20-30 days. Enough time is to avoid any accident in any link.