Is soft enamel pins good?

Is soft enamel pins good?  That’s the question for everyone who needs to order pushpins

In the previous article: Why Are Enamel Pins So Popular?  We explained in detail why enamel needles are so popular.  Today we begin to delve into its advantages and disadvantages

Among all kinds of Lapel pins, the soft Enamel pins process is the most commonly used one.  It has bright colors, clear lines and strong metal texture. Copper, zinc alloy or iron can be used as raw materials.

robot custom soft enamel pins

It is the soft enamel for the concave place that you can put paint or paste, for the raised place that you can make various electroplating effects such as gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc. (note that the raised place cannot put color, only metal color).  What else are the features of the paint badge?  Check it out with

Material of pin badges

Pin badge production materials generally can use copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc., iron badge production inexpensive, if the badge needs to consider the budget, choose iron badge paint the most appropriate!

color of paint

Soft enamel  are bright in color, clear and lively in line, and have strong metal texture. They are slightly cheaper than imitation enamel badges and enamel badges, so they are a good choice for making high-grade badges.


How to protect the pins

The PIN badges are coated with transparent protective resin, which makes them bright and smooth when applied.  The surface of the badge without epoxy resin has an obvious concave convex feeling. Those who like this badge texture can choose not to add epoxy resin.


The enamel lapel pins  performance that bake paint is poor, because their surface is smooth, this is, the delimit in using so can leave mark on face plate. This is also one of the main ways to distinguish the lacquer badge and enamel badge and imitation enamel badge.