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The blog about enamel pins,and how to make enamel pins.Through our blog, you will learn all aspects of lapel stitch expertise

Custom made pins

Custom made pins Tips.It is not easy to customize a metal badge and choose a suitable design. Fortunately, this article will have some tips to help you complete the design of this badge. Follow these steps and you will get a satisfactory design 1. Know your goalsWhen designing your badge, please first think about your […]

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School badges supplier

The origin of the school badge As you may have noticed, each school has its own school badge . Each has a badge or a key chain or something that’s unique to the school.In the beginning, different badge were used to distinguish the different members of different tribes. Later, it also developed into the exclusive

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Order custom enamel pins

Order custom enamel pins https://www.yh-medal.com/ is an online factory seller based in Shenzhen, China. Online sales and customisation of metal badges to all corners of the world began several years ago. This custom-made badge factory is popular with the public for its cheap and beautiful products. According to their website, in addition to custom-made badges,

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