How to design your company logo pins

How to design your company logo pins?Maybe this question bothers many people.Let’s learn about the production of company lapel Pin

Whether you are preparing for a major international conference or not, you need to prepare a company badge that belongs to your company to represent your company.  

What are the first things you need to design a satisfying company logo pins ?  

  • Symbol
  • Culture spirit
  • Goal

Only after knowing the above requirements can we provide a better design for the company’s content.  A good design requires simplicity and a bright color.  It can be pretty but not too complicated, because complicated colors make it harder to remember the PIN badges.  On the contrary, a simple, good-looking pin badge with bright colors will be easier to remember.  So in addition to design, color is also particularly important.

How to design your company logo pins

In addition to content, more important is size.
 The size directly determines the aesthetic degree of company logo pins.  Although the pin badge is too small and neat, it will be a little monotonous and unobtrusive if you only wear a small badge. It will be more suitable for wearing two or more badGs, but it will be dazzling.  

Although the pin badge is too big, it will collapse the original appearance of the clothes because of the size of the badge, but it will give people a sense of impolite.  So the size of a pin badge is important, and a normal pin badge size is between 10mm and 32mm.  Of course, the specific size of the badges needs to be better designed.

 We have decades of experience in how to design your company logo pins. No matter what your target is, we can provide you with more excellent design and one-to-one handover service

The design and production of badges is our most proud aesthetic and the most beautiful craft products. If you are tempted, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!!!