How to use tie clip

What is tie clips

A tie clip is a clip for a tie. In fact, tie clip is not only an accessory, but also an auxiliary tool. The idea is to fasten the tie to the shirt so that it stays straight in place no matter what you do.
As time went on, the tie clip became an accessory with The Times in addition to being a fixed tool. More different social groups and tribes will take the logo as their own logo on the collar, but also as one of the identification of different groups of personnel logo

Are tie clips in style?

Some things are timeless, like a tie is a respect for the occasion. The tie clips  are  born for the tie, no matter what occasion, tie and tie clip collocation should be corresponding, some gentleman details will highlight your mystery. To this day, it is still considered the perfect accessory for men’s clothing

When should you wear a tie pins?

As long as you’re wearing a suit, you can wear a tie clip.  A tie pins  is the best accessory for a formal occasion.  Use it as a finishing touch for your wedding, office party, business dinner, sales, etc

How to use tie bar

The tie should be placed between the third and fourth buttons of a dress shirt.  You need to straighten your tie before putting on the tie bar .

Why use a different custom tie pins

The tie bar  actually serves two purposes. The first and most obvious is style. Tie strips are a great addition to your outfit and can enhance your overall look. The second purpose, which many people don’t realize, is practicality. The tie pole secures the ends to the front of the shirt to prevent the tie from moving and wobbling, thus maintaining perfect alignment at all times.
Tie clip is like clothing, in the face of different dress styles, different occasions, also need different tie pins  to match. Of course, people may overlook its practicality. Besides being an accessory, the tie clip is really meant to secure the tie to the front of the shirt to maintain perfect symmetry, and the tie pin  is meant to prevent the tie from moving or swinging.