What type of keychains are there

What type of keychains are there?

Key chain categories are very many, general categories:

  1. soft enamel keychains 
  2. hard enamel keychains 
  3. die-casting keychains 
  4. spinning keychains 
  5. leather keychains 
  6. tassel  keychains 
  7. cartoon keychains 
  8. plates keychains 
  9. Stainless steel keychains

Custom die-casting keychains

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In our common life, most of the key chain is mainly key chain pendant, so we have to hang it in our bag or put it in the pocket. In order to increase and expand the product category, the key chain buckle series has gradually appeared in part of the key chain series. And this kind of key chain has strong resilience, when closed, it will rebound itself, the opening occupies one side, the other side is a circular circle, greatly reducing the space in the space

Through data collection, we also found more people’s feedback on the use of key chains, and more people hope that the use of key chains can be integrated into their daily life. And we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve function and fashion, and that’s exactly what the buckles are designed to do.
The ring has strong rebound effect and can be easily opened and closed quickly.
Ring mountaineering buckle lock saves space and can be quickly attached to belt ring or bag

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