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We are a factory specializing in the production of refrigerator magnets. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been committed to the production of perfect frigerator magnets.

custom made Enamel Fridge Magnets

1What is a refrigerator magnet?

Refrigerator magnets are handicrafts made of metal and magnetic silicone materials. It can be attached to the surface of the refrigerator as a decoration.

2What is the function of refrigerator magnets?

1. Decoration: Refrigerator magnets are rich in diversity and personalization. The design of refrigerator magnets mainly revolves around: cartoon characters, animals, plants, tourist attractions, etc. It can also be simple symbols such as words, numbers, letters, etc. In terms of color, these refrigerator magnets, with their bright colors and unique shapes, add lively and interesting elements to the refrigerator, making the home environment more warm and lively.
2. Practicality. Refrigerator magnets can be used to secure small items such as notes, memos or photos, making it easy for family members to view and record important information at any time.
3. Memorial. Refrigerator magnets are also sold in convenience stores in popular scenic spots. Use it to commemorate your fun trip somewhere and the fun time your family enjoyed.
4. Culture. Today’s gifts are also commonly used as refrigerator magnets for display. It is also a reflection of culture and life attitude. People can choose refrigerator magnets of different styles and themes according to their preferences and needs, thereby showing their personality, taste and lifestyle. In addition, refrigerator magnets can also be given as gifts or souvenirs to relatives and friends, conveying feelings of care and blessing.

How to custom made Enamel Fridge Magnets

1**Selection and Design**: First, you need to determine the design. It is recommended to start with attractive materials such as your favorite buildings, cartoon characters, plants and animals. For color, it is recommended that you use PANTON color number, which is an international standard color number to facilitate later production.
2. **Choose materials**: There are many kinds of materials for custom made Enamel Fridge Magnets. When making Enamel Fridge Magnets, it is recommended that you choose stainless iron, copper or alloy materials. These four materials have good forgeability and are suitable for various shapes.
3. **Production**: If you choose metal material, you need to find a professional factory to manufacture it for you. Large quantities of refrigerator magnets need to be die-cast using molds.
4. **Add Magnetism**: This is the final step. Fridge magnets need to be magnetic in order to stick to the refrigerator. You can add magnets to the back of the material or use magnetic materials to create refrigerator magnets.

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1. Stability of quality and delivery time. Our factory has been engaged in the production of refrigerator magnets for 11 years. Our professional production team and technical personnel allow us to easily cope with various customization needs and complex style designs.

2. **Diverse product selection**: Our factory can provide products made of different materials such as stainless steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, copper, and silicone. Our processes can handle complex processes with ease.

3. **High-quality materials and craftsmanship**: Shenzhen Yuehui Gifts may focus on product quality, use high-quality raw materials, and manufacture refrigerator magnets through fine craftsmanship. This ensures that the refrigerator magnet has good adhesion, long-lasting color retention and durability.

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