What are lapel pins made of ? Believe that this is the pin that is popular all over the world and has a wide range of uses. Materials are: plastic, zinc alloy, iron, copper, pure silver, stainless steel. The characteristics and performance of the materials are also different.

products material Detail
custom metal logo platescustom metal logo plates 3Dzinc alloy 1,Good casting performance, it can die-cast complex shape, thin-walled rice-dense parts, the surface of the casting is smooth;
2, The surface can be electroplated, painted, sprayed and other processes;
3,No iron absorption, no sticking to molds, etc. during die-casting;
4,It has good room temperature mechanical properties and abrasion resistance, etc.
Iron 1,The price is cheap. In the case of a limited budget and a large number of products, choosing iron material is more cost-effective,
2The hardness of iron is relatively high, and it is not easy to deform or break.
silver custom name tagsstainless steel Stainless steel is mainly used for custom name, using corrosion or printing process. Its thickness is generally 0.5mm and 0.8mm. The main feature of the name tag of stainless steel is strong oxidation resistance, can keep the color for a long time, strong and durable
cut out letter lapel pinscopper 1,Copper (including brass, red copper, and red copper) is the metal of choice for high-end badges. Among them, red copper is used in the production of enamel badges, which can keep the color for more than 50 years.
,2,rass and bronze are mainly used for custom-made metal badges such as imitation enamel(soft enamel ) badges and prting badges.
3 The hardness of copper is lower than that of iron. It uses more materials to make metal badges. The produced metal badges have a beautiful appearance and good quality. The general thickness is 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, and the thickness of the medal is generally 3. Mm.
silverPure silver has good ductility and is more expensive than copper, zinc alloy, iron, and stainless steel.
The sterling silver lapel pin is of high quality, with good metallic texture and bright color.