company order gifts

How does the company order  gifts ?This must be a headache for you.

Through this article, you may solve this annoying problem.

meaning of enterprise customized employee gifts

Christmas is approaching. This means that now is the best time to start ordering. Corporate holiday gifts, in addition to providing an excellent way to express appreciation to employees, customers and important contacts, these gifts can also conveniently increase the cohesion of employees to the company and commend specific ones for their one-year efforts. personal.

If you are not sure where to start, Yuehui Gifts, as a gift customization expert, will provide you with professional services. Here are some suggestions on how to give your customers, employees, and suppliers products that you will like.

1. Determine the date to order the gift
The most important part of ordering promotional gifts is to start early. After all, you need to ensure that there is enough time for production and delivery. It usually takes 15 days for production and 5-15 days for delivery. If it is a large quantity that needs to be transported by sea, the transportation time is at least 30-45 days.
This is more important than ever, because recent supply chain and shipping issues have limited the transit time of many products. This makes it essential to ensure that there is a sufficient time interval between the scheduled delivery date and the delivery date.

2. Choose customized products that everyone will like
To choose suitable holiday gifts for employees and customers, you must first find an item that is attractive to everyone. For example, a metal badge, whether it is a color or a product, has a meaning, and at the same time, it can make everyone feel its existence. Mass customization methods usually work well, and this is a good way to spread your budget to ensure quality.

3. Within a reasonable budget
It is also important to determine the budget as early as possible. This will help determine which corporate gifts are best for ordering this year. When the order quantity is small, some high-end products tend to be more expensive. Nonetheless, when buying promotional items in bulk, it is usually the most budget-saving option for those who wish to distribute company gifts to a large number of recipients.
For example, custom wooden awards cost far more than badges. If the main goal of a company is to only give wooden awards, custom trophy to a few top performers, then these gifts are like a viable option. However, if the plan is to give a gift to every existing customer, then sticking to something smaller, such as badges and keychains, is a better strategy.
The more specific the budget you set, the better its relationship to your company’s gift goals, and the easier the process of scaling down the project.

4. Choose a suitable supplier of promotional products.
It may be difficult to find the right supplier, but it is really important to find the right gift product supplier. We have seen that it is difficult for many companies to get orders on time and within budget, and follow their specifications.
Fortunately, we have all budget types of holiday gifts. Whether your organization needs a specific project or just need to provide some interesting gifts for a special event, we are always happy to customize it.

5. Customize your personalized gift
Of course, you don’t want to give your employees and customers any old company gifts. Instead, you can design your own products by adding a logo, special information, or company name. The products you can choose are: challenge coins, tie-clips, cufflinks, coffee spoon, wine stopper, win openers

6. Choose exquisite packaging
When distributing gifts, packaging becomes an important point that cannot be ignored. Many companies forget this. When the gift was ready to be given out, it was found that there was no suitable exquisite packaging. Exquisite packaging boxes include: wooden boxes, acrylic boxes, PU boxes, paper boxes, velvet boxes, etc.