Cleaning coins damages its original value

Please do not clean the Cleaning coins at will, which will damage its original value

If you have a commemorative coin that has commemorative value or is worth collecting, please do not Cleaning coins, as you will greatly reduce its original value

If you are a professional coin seller, you will be told not to clean old coins carelessly. Otherwise, they will ruin their appearance and greatly reduce their value

It originated with a young boy who became active in numismatics in his teens, when a good friend gave him 1884 Morgan dollars from a small hoard of silver dollars his father had given him. A few years later, they went down to the local store, picked up a coin magazine, looked it up and found it had a wide range of values, depending on its condition. They see that one side of the page is worth $75,000, and the other side is worth $75,000. As a pair of normal teenagers, they thought the shinier it was, the more it was worth.
It was here that his numismatics journey began. He and his friend found his friend’s mother’s jewelry cleaner and dipped coins into it to remove the copper rust that had formed on it. There are still some colors around the coin device or coin reserve. Then they took out baking soda and toothbrushes and rubbed them to shine. Thinking they were ready to show the local coin dealer their precious and rare items, the coin dealer said, “You have a nice Morgan dollar, but it looks like someone is destroying it.” It dawned on them that excessive washing had turned it into a piece of silver, destroying any coin value

In fact, there are many people who inadvertently overclean their treasured coins. When a commemorative coin is still a piece of metal, it has its own value. Besides the value of the original metal block, its value also depends on the thing commemorated. Whether it is a person or a thing, or a coin with a certain face value, it depends on the pattern depicted on the commemorative coin. If you tamper with the original color or pattern of the coin, you will reduce the value of the coin and return it to its original metal. Therefore, it is very important to clean the commemorative coins. If you are not a professional coin dealer or coin making factory, you should not clean the treasured coins at will. Otherwise you will greatly reduce its original value.

If you really want to get rid of the coin, consult a few professionals. Rather than how to clean the coin, I hope you can understand how to protect the coin better

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