The worlds first city marathon

The origins of the urban marathon

The world’s first city marathon, the Boston Marathon, began on April 19, 1897. It was the world’s first city marathon. It started with 15 runners. Since its inception, the Boston Marathon has been held every year without fail, usually in mid-April. Until 1986, the Boston Marathon followed the ancient Greek tradition of awarding only winners with crowns of olive leaves and trophies. Beautiful fields, point-to-point fast track, unprecedented audience, everything embodies the charm of this ancient marathon. It is a pity that it has strict requirements for competitors, which leads many marathoners to miss the experience of this ancient marathon. Even though she has strict requirements, there is no rule to prevent her. It is because of her strict requirements that more runners are motivated to challenge her. And her presence also attracted countless outstanding athletes to participate in, but also added to her what color.

Famous contestants

One famous runner in the Boston Marathon was Bill Rogers. Between 1975 and 1980, he ran in the Boston Marathon four times, breaking two American records. That was 2:09.55 in 1975 and 2:09.27 in 1979. In addition to the Boston Marathon, he won the fukuoka Marathon in 1977, beating three of the world’s best marathoners. He won 22 of the 59 marathons he ran, even running under 2:15 28 times, and was dubbed “Boston Billy” by the media. Then, in the 105th time in 2001, there was a Korean Olympic silver medalist, Lee Bong-ju, who broke through two Kenyan runners and Olympic champion Bora to win the gold medal in 2 hours, 09 minutes and 43 seconds. He broke the Kenyan’s 10-year monopoly and became a sensation in the world. When Lee Bong-ju returned to Seoul, he received a hero’s welcome.

It starts in Hopkinton, just west of Boston, and travels through seven small towns before ending at Copley Square in downtown Boston, a 42.195km journey. The Boston Marathon is one of the most watched marathons in the world. Every year, more than half a million people line the track that runs through eight cities in Massachusetts. More than 20,000 people take part in the race. If you want to learn more about marathons, please visit to find out more about marathons.

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