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Reasons to love marathons

Reasons to love marathons  The marathon is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to compete. Everyone likes marathons for different reasons. According to the questionnaire, we have summarized the following reasons why people like marathon as a way to motivate yourself Many runners …

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pure titanium belt buckle

Advantages of Pure titannium belt buckle According to the survey, 35% of people are allergic to metals. The belt buckle is the most commonly used accessory for men, for men with allergies. It’s going to be a difficult choice Zinc alloy: 80% hypoallergenic Copper: 90% hypoallergenic Stainless steel: 95% hypoallergenic Gold and silver: 98% non-allergic …

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OEM medal custom factory

OEM medal custom factory Are you looking for a factory that meets your expectations? Shenzhen Yuehui gifts Co., Ltd. is a professional medal production experts.  We have been in the field of medal making for 11 years. Since its establishment, we have continuously improved the level of production technology. Now we have become an excellent OEM …

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Custom medal supplier

Today, network information is very developed. Whether the logistics is on the Internet or in a physical store, there are many suppliers of customized medals. So, how do you choose the best medal maker? What are the advantages of a Custom medal supplier ? 1. 7*24 hours online service. The time of each country is …

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School Sports medals

School sports medals are important in the university,college,school  As a matter of fact, the modern games are maintained in the spirit of the ancient Olympic Games, and the most obvious is the school games. The school sports meeting is usually a war between classes and classes, like the contest between students in the same grade, …

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The Origin of the Games

Games Medal The games originally originated from the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, and then multiplied to the games now seen by the public. In fact, the formation of the original games is a story, rather than out of thin air. The games originally originated from the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, and then multiplied …

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