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Aids lapel pins

World AIDS Day established Wear AIDS lapel pins in AIDS prevention publicity activities to enhance your publicity effect. In fact, World AIDS Day is a holiday established by the World Health Organization, in January 1988. It is held on December 1st each year. On this day, countries and international organizations around the world.It  will be

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Six World Grand Slam marathons

Six World Grand Slam marathons Do you know what the six grand Slams marathons  are? They are the world’s top marathon circuit, established in 2006. They are Boston marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon and Tokyo Marathon. The Berlin Marathon holds the title of ‘the fastest course in the world’ and also

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How do you win a marathon

How do you win a marathon? There is a little difficult  How difficult is a marathon? It may not have been noticed, but marathon runners tend to be shorter than other competitors.  In addition, marathon runners also tend to have a larger chest index, which mostly means that the heart and lungs in the chest

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