What materials can you use to make keychains

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Keychain materials

Keychains are widely used in life and can be seen everywhere. The most commonly used materials are: copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, etc. Relatively speaking, keychains made of pure copper are more expensive. Iron and aluminum are much cheaper. Keychains made of metal materials usually undergo surface treatment, such as nickel plating, copper plating, gold plating, etc. , which can not only increase its aesthetic effect, but also achieve the effect of imitation rust and wear resistance.

Introduction to the material of the key chain

PVC soft plastic strong plasticity, soft. It can be customized according to the size, color and shape you want, and its corresponding mold cost is also low. But its disadvantage is that the color is easy to become dim, thus promoting its original texture

Acrylic key chain. Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a transparent material that can be put into colored paper so that different patterns can be made. Acrylic keychain, the advantages are excellent gloss, good toughness, not easy to damage, cheap. The disadvantage is that it is brittle.

Crystal key chain. Crystal keyrings are usually made of artificial crystal, K9 glass. It can be made into various shapes. Because of its pure and transparent quality, crystal has become a symbol of purity, thus becoming a favorite of fashionistas. It is also a common material for making key rings.

Zinc alloy key chain. Zinc alloy material has good shaping ability. We can melt the metal into a liquid by high temperature and inject it into the mold to make various shapes. The surface of the product can also be treated by enamel, electroplating, printing, polishing and other processes. At the end of the production, you will get a perfect piece of art.

Iron keychain : In the metal material, the price of iron is cheap, the forging performance is good, and you can make various shapes. The surface can be electroplated to give it a colorful metallic color

Brass key chain. Brass is more expensive than zinc alloy and iron. But copper has a better metallic texture, after electroplating treatment, copper will not fade. It is the first choice only for high-end key chains

Leather keychain: The first layer of cowhide, sheepskin, or pig skin, artificial leather made of. Usually used for car key chain, handbag key chain. It is the first choice for business key chains

What materials can you use to make keychains

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