8 process for made lapel pins and medals

8 process for made lapel pins and medals.Do you know which crafts are used to make lapel pins and medals? Different processes have different effects on your design draft. How to present your design endlessly?

school badge pins

Soft enamel

The surface has obvious sense of concavity and  Convexity.Bright colors ,clrar lines and strong metal texture.

Hard enamel 

The enamel lapel pins has a smooth and delicate surfae.Which polished the raised metal of the baking process into a smooth surface..

Christmas challenge coins custom -2


According to the picture to produce a variety of color effects,surface glue protection,high-end atmosphere,durable,no smell.and the price is cheap.

Die cast

The die casting of flat or 3D grinding tools has a strong sense of image and 3D.

rhinestone lapel pin


Reserve space for rhinestones on the mold. After the product is finished, add rhinestones.


After finishing hard enamel /soft enamel, add phosphor that can glow at night

luminous lapel pins


After finish hard enamel /soft enamel.and glitter in the lapel pins /medals.We also can add luscious together.products will be more beautiful.

Cut out

Cut out process is usually suitable for letter badges, medals, or creative designs

cut out lapel pins gold saft pins

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