How can we fight COVID-19

How can we fight COVID-19?

One of the worst viruses in human history

As of December 8, 2021, the total number of people infected with COVID-19 worldwide is 267,313,444.  A total of 240,778,368 people were cured.  The death toll stands at 5,282,094. This number far exceeds that of World War II.  This is a global disaster  

As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak originated in 2019. The full name of the novel Coronavirus Disease is COVID-19. The World Health Organization has named it “CORONAVIRUS Disease 2019”, referring to pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection.  In the face of this unknown origin, the fierce situation of pneumonia virus, so that most of the world’s countries suddenly fell.  

How can individuals protect themselves against COVID-19

From the beginning of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, countries have been actively fighting against it. Countries represented by China, Russia and the United States are actively developing vaccines, figuring out how to eliminate the virus and how to protect against it .How can we fight COVID-19?


(1) Develop good personal hygiene habits.  Pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks when going out.  Cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands frequently, do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands, and do not spit everywhere.

 (2) Avoid dinner parties.  People at a dinner party are in close contact with each other. Droplets from coughs and sneezes can directly contaminate the whole party and easily cause disease transmission.  In order to prevent the transmission of novel coronavirus, please do not dine together.

 (3) Go to public places less.  Once there are carriers of the virus, it is easy to cause person-to-person transmission, especially in crowded public places with poor air mobility.Such as :shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, Internet cafes, KTV, stations, airports, docks, exhibition halls and so on.

 (4) Open Windows often for ventilation.  Indoor environment is closed, easy to cause the breeding of bacteria, increase the risk of human infection.  Frequently open the window ventilation can effectively reduce the content of pathogenic microorganisms and other pollutants indoors, and the ultraviolet ray in sunlight still has bactericidal effect.  Therefore, every morning, middle and night should open the window ventilation, ventilation is not less than 15 minutes each time.

 (5) Keep your room clean.  Use alcohol regularly to disinfect toys, living rooms, clothes, etc
 (6) Wash your hands frequently.  A variety of diseases can be spread by handling, such as gastrointestinal diseases by touching food contaminated by germs, pinkeye and keratitis by rubbing eyes, and respiratory diseases by picking your nose.  Wash your hands immediately after going out, before eating, after using the toilet, coughing and sneezing.  When washing hands, use running water and soap or hand sanitizer.

 (7) Wear a mask when going out.  The public should wear disposable medical masks properly when going to public places.

Seeking medical treatment (except fever clinics) and taking public transport (children should choose products with similar performance).  Do not spit everywhere. Wrap nasal and mouth secretions with tissue paper and dispose of them in a covered garbage bin.

 (8) Develop a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t smoke, drink less, don’t drink too much.  Combine work and rest, don’t stay up late, live a regular life.  Exercise properly, eat and balance.  Reasonable diet, do not overeat, eat meat and eggs to be cooked, cooked thoroughly.

 (9) Good health monitoring.  As far as possible, avoid close contact with people with symptoms of respiratory illness, such as fever, coughing or sneezing.  Take your body temperature when you have a fever.  If your family member has fever, dry cough, fatigue and other suspected symptoms, please seek medical advice immediately.

 (10) Do not touch, hunt, process, transport, kill or eat wild animals 

The most effective way

How can we fight COVID-19?Vaccination is currently the most effective means of combating the Novel Coronavirus.  According to the current data, the vaccine can’t reach 100% of the resistance capacity, but it can prevent us from becoming severe patients, leaving serious sequelae.  

After vaccination, We  can wear the COVID-19 enamel  pins. By wearing a lapel pin, people can help spread vaccine knowledge and raise awareness