AIDS Promotion Pin

You may not know that in this world, one person dies from coronary heart disease every minute, and 70 million people die from heart disease every year in the world. However, this figure speaks for itself.

About AIDS, you can refer to this article in Wikipedia:

AIDS promotion pin played an important role in the craft speech to promote AIDS prevention awareness.

Obviously, many people don’t know what they can do to reduce risk. For many reasonable reasons, heart disease has been given the title of “silent killer” because most symptoms are still not obvious until the advanced stage. However, heart disease does not have to be. We can all proactively protect our hearts by seeking appropriate medical care in a timely manner. The development of knowledge, awareness, and lifestyle choices can help you understand the major impact on the prevention of heart disease and the saving of someone’s life. Everyone knows that other risk factors for heart disease include: poor diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems caused by various problems.
February is the month of love, an ideal time to attract more attention and raise awareness of heart disease. In fact, we wear our heart disease awareness ribbon pins every February to raise people’s awareness of heart disease, which is a silent killer.
The same incident also includes the AIDS promotion pin , to remind everyone to pay attention to safety and take necessary protective measures.
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AIDS promotion pin

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