pure titanium belt buckle

Advantages of Pure titannium belt buckle

According to the survey, 35% of people are allergic to metals. The belt buckle is the most commonly used accessory for men, for men with allergies. It’s going to be a difficult choice

Zinc alloy: 80% hypoallergenic

Copper: 90% hypoallergenic

Stainless steel: 95% hypoallergenic

Gold and silver: 98% non-allergic

Titanium: 100% hypoallergenic

Titanium is mainly used in medical, precision instruments, high-end outdoor products, aerospace materials, etc.

Using pure titanium steel belt buckle has the following advantages

High density, light weight, high hardness, strong, corrosion-resistant, 100-year-old stainless steel

pure titanium belt buckle

How to Identify a Pure Titanium Belt Buckle

1. Weight: Titanium is lighter, usually twice as light as stainless steel, so it is called light metal.
2. Color: The color of titanium material will always appear in front of the world in silver-gray and silver-bright colors. No matter how it is polished, it is a slightly darker precious metal.
3. Properties: Titanium is not magnetic, and the magnets around us can testify.
4. Experiment: Ceramic is the best way to test the purity of titanium. Scratch titanium products on our ceramic cups and leave an imprint. The darker the imprint, the purer the purity of titanium is, but don’t take your own A very precious cup to experiment, because the black print will not fall off!
5. Temperature: There is an interesting experiment with pure titanium, different colors will appear on its surface at different temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius

How to order belt buckles

  1. Send us your design to our email:yuehuigift@gmail.com ,and tell us quantity,material request.If you don’t have design,don’t worry,just tell us what you want,we will make custom buckle design 。
  2. After receive your email,we will send you quotation .We will make artwork Proof ,than you confirm order and artwork.
  3. We will start to make products aftern receive your 30%-50% payment .after finish production,we will take pictures and videos to you.pay balance before delivery goods.