Many people don’t know Differences Between Hard Enamel And Cloisonne

. Now Yuehui Gifts will give you a detailed introduction.


Hard enamel:zinc alloy,brass,Iron 

Cloisonne :Red copper


The texture of hard candy porcelain is relatively soft. It can be pierced with a needle, and the color will fade after 3 years.

Using ore powder, the basic ingredients are: quartz, try, borax and oxide. The colors are relatively few, the commonly used ones are: sky blue, dark blue, red, light green, dark green, white, purple, rose


The production of hard enamel is relatively simple. Can be mechanized production. Baking temperature is 80-100 degrees Celsius

The cloisonne production process is complicated. Almost handmade, the baking temperature needs 800


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The texture of cloisonne is like ceramics, with a layer of enamel on the surface, which is strong and wear-resistant, and can be stored for hundreds of years without fading


The price of hard candy porcelain is affordable for everyone. It has a texture similar to that of cloisonne, and can be produced in large quantities and quickly

Cloisonne is a very good handicraft. From the invention of the Ming Dynasty in China to the present, there is a history of the end of 600 years. Almost purely handmade, after years of baptism, the colors are still gorgeous.But expensive

Summarize the difference between cloisonne and hard candy porcelain

Both cloisonne and hard candy porcelain are excellent.
If you have a limited budget, hard candy porcelain is your first choice. It has the touch of cloisonne, and more importantly, it is affordable.
If you have a sufficient budget and need to be able to preserve the artwork for a long time, cloisonne will be the best choice.