What is the average price for enamelpins

How much should enamel pins cost?

What is the average price for enamel pins?Where can I get good enamel pins?Why are enamel pins so expensive?Maybe these are the problems that are bothering you.Today yh-medal.com will answer your questions and concerns one by one.

About the price of enamel pins. The price of customized lapel pins is affected by many factors. In addition to freight, the main impacts are: quantity, size, material, and craftsmanship.



About enamel pins price

Product total price formula:Total = Quantity * Unit Price + Mold Cost

Mold cost

size 0.5-0.75 inches 1inches 1.5inches 2 inches 2.5 inches 
price 60USD70USD80USD90USD100USD 

1-3 colors, soft enamel base price

quantity (pcs )
size (inches )







































































Bout enamel pins material

What materials can you use to make keychains

lapel pins craftsmanship

General enamel color requires a surrounding metal space good quality painting results. Therefore it is usually necessary to allow for a blank metal rim(0.25mm min.)The colors are not completely filled in the recessed areas and the metal borders are much more visible.

Rainbow pins

Plating rainbow color for pin badge, Filled enamel color.


Hard enamel technique was developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago to make prestige ornaments.Synthetic Enamel is a modern substitute for Hard Enamel. Colours appear much brighter and flashy. Unique to this process, stoning and polishing produce a recognizable flat, shiny surface.

3D three-dimensional engraving, the protrusions are metal, and the recesses are frosted. Perfectly restore the texture of metal

soft enamel/hard enamel  filled with glitter, The color is bling-bling.

luminous lapel pins

Add phosphor into the hard enamel process/soft enamel process to make the lapel pin glow in the dark

Cut out a uniquely shaped letter lapel pin with an elegant metallic texture

Make gradient patterns and complex patterns by UV printing/offset printing

custom diamond lapel pins

Adding a crystal stone to the lapel pin makes the lapel pin look shiny and stylish

The impact of accessories on prices

The rubber clutch and butterfly clutch are free.the others need to add $0.15-$0.5 for one pin 

What is the average price for enamel
What is the average price for enamel pins

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