Custom freemason lapel pins

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1,Know about Freemason

Freemasonry is the largest and most mysterious organization in the world. This organization was established in 18th and is a kind of religious brotherhood organization. There are now more than 6 million members worldwide.


2,How freemasonry is formed

Freemasonry has so many members all over the world. They adopt a hierarchical system, with a total of 32 levels, with a general association and a branch. The general meeting is the highest organizational form, and branches are established in many different countries and regions. The club is named using the Eliber number and place name.

3,How to join in Freemason

  • 1. It is voluntary.
    2. Live in the jurisdiction of the General Assembly for more than twelve months.
    3. Males over 20 years old.
    4. Believe in the existence of God (not limited to any denomination, and no need to be a believer, but by no means an atheist).
    5. No criminal record.
    6. Those who have not been rejected by other Meisheng clubs.
    7. Under the introduction of two American students, proceed with the application procedures.

4,The Logo of the Freemason

Eye of Providence:God’s eyes and pyramids are very common figures in ancient Egypt, representing the sun god “Ra” gazing at his land.

The compass represents the universe, and the ruler represents the rules of the system

The emblems of modern Freemasonry are compasses and squares (squares), and a letter G

The first is the first letter of GOD in English representing the faith of Freemasonry.

The second is to commemorate the founding head of the United States and Master of Freemason George Washington, which is the abbreviation of “George” in English.

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