6 Best Housewarming gifts for friends

Housewarming is an important moment in life. It is also very important to send your own gifts to your friends as a token of congratulations. Generally speaking, bulky furniture, household appliances and other necessities of life are the director has made up. Consider giving “non-essential gifts.” There are also many factors to consider, such as local customs, whether the owner is moving to a larger or smaller house; Give gifts to your boss or just friends.

Yuehui Gifts after some market research,recommend Housewarming gifts for friends

10 housewarming gifts for friends

1,Flowers and plants

For friends who just moved into a new home, green plants are a good choice to decorate a new home. A little green plants, not only can make the new home look not monotonous, but also can purify the air. We need to buy plants that are both convenient and attractive. Suitable for gift to the new home are mainly: green Luo, ivy, dragon blood tree, tiger Pilan meaning is very good.

After a market survey, 70% of young people like to choose flowers as housewarming gifts. Flowers not only have a fresh fragrance, but also can beautify a new home. We can choose flowers with good meaning. For example: sunflower, lily, freesia, tulip gerbera, etc.


2,Desk lamp/night light

In the choice of table lamp and night lamp, we can choose warm light, do not occupy the position of the product. Some friends like geometric shapes, others like retro styles. Some like punk. We can search for the right product on Amazon

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3,Wine glass

Customised wine glasses are a unique gift for those who enjoy tasting wine. Our custom wine glasses can be produced according to your design drawings.

custom metal wine glass

4,Wine opener 

A gift wine opener is a very useful household item. High-end wines often need the help of a corkscrew or corkscrew

Custom metal  wine opener gifts

5,Coffee spoon 

Custom coffee spoons are suitable for any gifting scenario. We can use laser to carve the LOGO or message on the spoon

Custom coffee spoon

6, Metal Picture frames

Custom metal Picture Frames can be made in any size and style. Give your friend a unique housewarming gift by personalizing it.

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