What is price of medal?

What is price of medal?Are you troubled by the price of medals and don’t know how to choose a supplier?
Today’s article will tell you the tips for ordering medals and save you 35% of the cost.

The role of medals

A medal is an honor, a memory carrier of a piece of history, and a glorious witness of a group of people. Our common types of medals include government agencies, the military, outstanding employees of companies, school graduations, national medals of honor, personal honor medals, etc., graduation medals, etc. The variety is very wide.
Different social groups and populations have different requirements for customized medals, as well as price budgets.

Factors that affect the price of medal customization

1. The complexity of the process

Craftsmanship is also one of the elements of custom medal customization. To put it simply, for high-end items, the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, because the details are more and more rigorous, and the manpower, material resources and time consumed are also more. Composite craftsmanship is one of the most complex craftsmanship in medal customization. Especially the combination of hard enamel process + rotation/multiple medals.
Common home types are: spinning medal. Rail Medal, Hinged Medal, Puzzle Medal

The impact of raw materials on prices

Gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc. Judging from the current market development and the inclination of users with customized needs, it is clear that copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials are not enough to meet the needs of the public. For simple designs, especially Die cast medals, iron or brass is usually used, and the price of iron is much lower than that of brass.
For common running medals, we usually choose zinc alloy material, and the price is in line with the budget of most customers. And zinc alloy has good shaping ability, which is very suitable for 3D design.
For high-end customers, medals need to be presented to those who have made great contributions to the country/society/military/organization. We recommend using 999 sterling silver/copper.

What is price of medal?

The effect of quantity on price

The size and quantity of the medals and the raw materials consumed in the customization process have a great impact on the price. The larger the size and the more quantity, the more raw materials are consumed, and of course the more expensive the price. At the same time, quantity is also the main factor affecting the price. The higher the quantity, the cheaper the price.
Therefore, we must first determine the quantity and specifications when choosing medal customization.