Customized process of metal gifts

  1.  Selection. According to the materials and requirements provided by the customer, we will give the most suitable quotation and plan for the customer to choose. We will be online 24 hours a day to provide one-to-one design and order tracking services.
  2. Design product artwork. The general artwork design is designed according to the materials or requirements provided by the customer. Commonly used production software includes AP, AI and CDR. If you want to generate 3D badge renderings, you need the support of 3D Max and other software. Regarding the color system, PSC is usually used, because the PANTONE color system can better match the colors, reduce the color difference as much as possible, and restore the product.  
  3. Confirm the artwork. After the process drawing is designed, the customer confirms the design process, color and design, and after confirming the design drawing and plan, a deposit is arranged, and the factory will arrange the order for production.

  4. Produce products. Our factory has more than 8000 kinds of products with complex craftsmanship, with 220 experienced production staff, strictly in accordance with the design of the plan and drawings selected by the customer, and strictly follow the factory regulations, without cutting corners or cutting materials

  5. Fifth: Delivery time. Shipment takes 8-12 working days under normal circumstances, and 3-5 working days for urgent orders. When the product demand is large, the required production time will also increase. Our factory is only 25 kilometers away from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Yantian Port, so the goods can be delivered on time.

    6 Confirm receipt. Buyers must sign the receipt in person and inspect the goods in time. If you have any questions, you can contact our docking staff in time to solve them.

metal gifts process
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