Custom Christmas gifts for customers

Custom Christmas gifts for customers and promoting customer engagement skills

custom Christmas gifts

Time is passing fast. It’s hard to believe, it’s already July. Many companies have already started the preparation of Christmas promotional gifts and some employee commemorative gifts. Especially Western European countries and North American countries. The big year-end promotions are also a business spree.
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According to a survey by the American Economic Association, merchandise sales on Christmas Eve are three times as high as those on ordinary holidays. In the December promotion, it will exceed $50 billion. Therefore, you should not miss this chance to get a “pot of gold”.

Tips for Christmas promotions

When ordering Christmas promotions, you need to consider colors. On this issue, everyone in the world knows that red and green are the themes of Christmas. You can add some special ideas to make your Christmas gifts lively and interesting

Here are some tips
1. Show your holiday spirit in red and green. The most effective way to show people your festive spirit at Christmas is to decorate your store or web page using red, green, snowflake, cartoon Santa, Christmas tree, etc. Get your clients in the holiday spirit ahead of time.
2. Create a Christmas line. Custom Christmas gifts are the most effective way to generate cheer. Unique limited-edition designs and products work well because of their relevance to the season and occasion. The limited quantity of goods that can not be purchased at will will create a sense of urgency for customers, thus increasing their desire to buy.
3. Organize related activities. Online virtual running, community running and community activities are very good ways to engage customers. After the event is complete, you can use custom Christmas MEDALS as souvenir gifts to give to customers.

4. Involve your employees. The year-end sales spree can improve employees’ performance and double their wages. Employees can add holiday spice by wearing custom uniforms, Christmas lapel pins and Christmas hats. Let your customers get into the Christmas spirit ahead of time.

Custom made products for Christmas gifts

Custom hats: Red Christmas hats are part of the Christmas look. You can customize your hat to attract people, and adding a hat pin to your hat is a great idea.
Custom hoodies: Hoodies aren’t thick, but anyone can wear them indoors.
Custom sweaters: Christmas sweaters are for outdoor as well as indoor wear, and have a memorable tradition.
Custom cup: Everyone can’t live without a water cup, this is a thoughtful gift
Custom glasses: How could a family day be without wine? Wine glasses are perfect for giving away.
Custom key rings: Christmas key rings are affordable and suitable for large orders.

High quality promotional gifts are a guarantee of doubling Christmas sales. Yue Hui Gifts Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the custom gifts industry for 11 years. We have a lot of experience in making products for ngos, charities, universitie.