How to use cufflinks correctly

How to use cufflinks correctly?Let us know it today 

There are not as many accessories and jewelry for men as there are for women. For tasteful men, perhaps apart from rings, they pay great attention to the details of clothing accessories. Details such as cufflinks, tie clips, belt buckles.

Cufflinks are the smallest decoration in men’s accessories. Because of its variety of materials. Precious metals can be used, and some are also inlaid with diamonds, gems, etc., so they have been worn as aristocratic halos since birth, and cufflinks have therefore become the only single product for people to measure a man’s taste. It’s a man’s science.

What are cufflinks?

A cufflink is a small, delicate decorative accessory usually consisting of a pair of interconnected “buttons” or a “button” with a rotatable handle, with one end facing outward and the other end threaded through a French cuff The button door is fixed inwards (the wearer’s own direction) and keeps the cuffs closed at all times

The origin of cufflinks

The origin of cufflinks can be traced back to the end of the 17th century, and it began to gradually replace the older “sleeve rope”. Before that, the front of the shirt would be decorated with lace, and the cuffs would be tightened with ribbons or strings to keep out the cold and dust, which was called Sleeve string. Then these ribbons were gradually added to jewelry, which has a better decorative function.
In the Victorian era in the 19th century, the ribbons that replaced shirt cuffs with metal silver chains appeared, which was the prototype of cufflinks. Later, in order to conform to the aesthetic feeling, gemstones were set on both ends of the silver chain. The richer people used the more precious gemstones, so cufflinks were also used to measure a man’s social status. From then on, almost all middle-class and aristocratic men will use cufflinks, which are an indispensable part of gentleman’s clothing.

What is the function of cufflinks

1. One of the functions of buttons on the cuffs of suits: beautiful decoration. You can see that if there are no buttons on the suit, it will look monotonous, but when there are some buttons, the sleeves will look very delicate and have a sense of luxury. This kind of cuffs on some windbreakers also has a similar design.
2. The second function: protect the cuffs from wear and tear. When there are buttons on the west cuffs of a suit, people will unconsciously avoid the sleeves from being scratched by hard objects, and try to avoid it from touching other things, which will reduce the chance of it being worn out and make the cuffs last longer. .

How to use cufflinks correctly?

1. Wear the right shirt. Be sure to choose a shirt with French (or double) cuffs. The cuffs of this shirt are longer than normal, and the cuffs are not buttoned on one side and buttonholed on the other.

2. Fold the cuffs outward, and pay attention to the fact that the edges of the cuffs on both sides should be flat and of the same length.
Close the cuffs. Close the open cuffs on both sides. Generally, there will be buttonholes on one side and buttons on the other side of the shirt, just button them up,

3. On a shirt with cuff buttons, we need to smooth the cuffs on both sides as shown in the picture below.

How to use cufflinks correctly

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