Guide to buying tie clips

Guide to buying tie clips

How should I choose a tie clip?

The choice of tie clip tie rod mainly depends on their own factors. And the most important factors are two, the first need to consider the overall clothing and accessories matching degree, the second is the impact of accessories on the overall clothing

Factors to consider when buying tie pins

Some factors you might consider are:
• budget
• design
• size
• Surface craft and pattern

When it comes to mixing and matching tie clips with other accessories, you’ll find that it’s the subtle ones that make the difference. For example, your watch and tie clip can be matched equally, or tie clip can be matched with cufflinks, bracelets, pocket squares, etc.
Every man has at least a few different ties in his collection, to make sure he doesn’t use the same tie clip every time, and to better match clothes, occasions and accessories. You can also find the right size tie clip according to the type and width of the tie you are wearing. (Tie clips should take up about two-thirds of the belt; too long or too short will look out of place.)

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Custom tie clip budget

Budget as one of the most important considerations. There are all kinds of tie clips available in all kinds of materials, ranging in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.
From the tie clip pull rod has begun to distinguish material, more appropriate material has pure copper, pure gold, pure silver. More attention to detail was required because the tie clip’s pull rod needed a better holding structure.

Design of tie bar

(Simple, sporty, elegant, discreet, eye-catching)

Different tie clip pull rod has different materials to choose from, and tie clip above the different style or decoration can also be designed. From simple to complex design, there are rich and colorful design, there are low-key and costly design, more dazzling design. Each depends on what kind of clothes you need to match, what kind of occasion, what kind of effect do you want

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Size of custom tie bar

As you can see, tie rods come in many different sizes. From slim clip designs to more daring shapes and forms. This will continue to be about simplicity and purpose. Some ties are small, neat and discreet, while others are big and bold. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose a larger or smaller tie rod.
In the face of different ties, because the wearing of different tie clip. The tie clip should take up about two-thirds of the belt, too long or too short will look out of place. Besides length more have a plenty of a few slimmer tie clip outside, appear tie neat, also have a few bigger tie clip, can a few marked

The process of tie clip

Some tie clips are polished, others are brushed, and some tie rods are decorated with great attention to detail, such as knurled finishes or special patterns.  There’s something for everyone, but it’s good to remember that this can also affect how your tie works with your outfit.  For example, ties that are completely polished look bolder and more ornate than ties with brushed finishes
 There are a lot of tie clip rods after a variety of surface treatment, there are polished directly, there are brushed, but also useful logo as processing.  For everyone, everyone has a suitable object, not absolute.  So the collar clip will also follow the change of clothing and change.

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