School badges supplier

The origin of the school badge

As you may have noticed, each school has its own school badge . Each has a badge or a key chain or something that’s unique to the school.
In the beginning, different badge were used to distinguish the different members of different tribes. Later, it also developed into the exclusive logo of different communities or tribes. In order to distinguish people, badges also gradually appeared.
And the school badge  is also produced in this way, in addition to being a symbol of the school, but also contains many schools want to express their own history or express their expectations. The school badge  is not only an important part of the school culture, but also a symbol of the identity of students.

The function of the school badges

The design of the school badge  is also particularly important, because the school emblem, as a logo, will be a troublesome thing to modify after confirmation. What’s more, when there are certain activities, the school emblem is used as a symbol for everyone, and it is also a symbol of the students’ belonging to the school.
Each school student will have a badge of their own school, referred to as the school emblem. The school bage  has many functions. Firstly, it is to prove the identity of students, and secondly, it is to show the collective spirit of students. Wearing the school emblem will make students have a more collective atmosphere. Therefore, the school badge has become a more important badge

The material of school badges

Badges are made of a variety of materials, including acrylic, iron, zinc alloy and copper. And the more advanced the material to make the badge texture is better, such as: acrylic, the biggest characteristic is cheap, and make the badge will be light, and look a little cheaper, the preservation time is not long. If the badge is made of copper, you will find that the color is brighter than other badges, and it will feel better in the hand, but the cost is relatively high. Therefore, zinc alloy material or iron material is generally selected to make the school emblem, because the cost of these two materials will be relatively higher, and the badge made will not be too different from the copper material. This is why most school badges are made of zinc alloy or iron.

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