How do you win a marathon

How do you win a marathon? There is a little difficult 

How difficult is a marathon?

It may not have been noticed, but marathon runners tend to be shorter than other competitors.  In addition, marathon runners also tend to have a larger chest index, which mostly means that the heart and lungs in the chest are well developed, which is a natural condition for marathon runners.  

Besides figure outside, more important is respiratory circulatory system, namely the respect such as the function of lung, heart.  Lung capacity/body mass index = (lung capacity/body weight) *100%. People with a naturally high LUNG capacity/body mass index are good candidates for long distance running.  The same holds true for marathon runners.  

Lung capacity is not a direct indicator of respiratory function, but it is beneficial for athletes to have a large lung capacity.  The lung capacity of an average adult male is 3000-4000ml and that of an adult female is 2000-3000ml.  Athletes in track and field throwers have particularly large lung capacity, some exceeding 6000ml.  

Marathon training and competition requires a lot of energy, and in order to replenish energy needs to have a good digestion of food function, a strong stomach is very beneficial. In the nutrients that people absorb. Carbohydrates (carbohydrates) are broken down from glucose into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles throughout the body. During exercise, glycogen stored in the liver first consumes energy in the muscles and then is replenished by the blood.
The ability to store and replenish energy is extremely important for marathon runners. Gut health may be innate, but the ability to store and replenish energy can be improved through training.

How do you win a marathon?

But as a marathon amateur, just be responsible for keeping good health, happy to finish a marathon, as a witness to yourself. Running in addition to keeping good physical function, can let people produce a happy factor, will not consciously feel happy. If you want to win a marathon medal, you can start with an online virtual event.
Now in the mobile phone APP, there are a lot of fitness software. It is the Internet and smart phones that have made our lives more convenient. You just need to go through the simple steps to register an account, you can choose your favorite events. Beginners start at a minimum of 3KM. Online races are very convenient for us. You don’t have to pay for air tickets or tickets to go to other cities or regions to participate in the races. You only need to complete the races in parks, communities or even on treadmills.

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