Six World Grand Slam marathons

Six World Grand Slam marathons

Do you know what the six grand Slams marathons  are? They are the world’s top marathon circuit, established in 2006. They are Boston marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon and Tokyo Marathon.

The Berlin Marathon holds the title of ‘the fastest course in the world’ and also boasts the top 10 times in the world. That’s because the overall course of the Berlin Marathon is very flat, wide and relatively straight, especially the first two miles and the final sprint, which removes much of the drag for the runners. The Berlin Marathon is held every year in late September, and is followed not only by crowds of onlookers but also by friends who watch videos or live broadcasts from afar.

In 2003 the Organizing committee of the Berlin Marathon decided to make some changes. In addition to the New Year’s fireworks, the runners would cross the Brandenburg Gate, which used to connect East and west Berlin, and then run another 300 meters across the finish line. On September 28, 2014, Dennis Kimetto of Kenya won the 41st Berlin Marathon in 2:2:57, breaking the world record by an astonishing 26 seconds and becoming the first male marathon runner to break the 2:3 barrier.

In 1977, before women’s marathons became popular, the former East German woman Ran a world best time of 2:34:47 here. By 1998, 1999, Berlin had made its mark in marathon history, and its status soared when 28-year-old Brazilian Da Costa beat Densimo’s 10-year-old world best (2:06:50) in 1998.

If you take part in the Berlin Marathon, you’ll run past the imposing historic buildings, the austere mansions of the former East Berlin, and the modern, high-tech, commercial buildings of the West. The Berlin Marathon is one of the six Grand Slams, and the scenery is beautiful.
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