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World AIDS Day established

Wear AIDS lapel pins in AIDS prevention publicity activities to enhance your publicity effect.

In fact, World AIDS Day is a holiday established by the World Health Organization, in January 1988.

It is held on December 1st each year. On this day, countries and international organizations around the world.It  will be called on to organize related activities to publicize and popularize AIDS prevention knowledge, and raise people’s awareness of AIDS. The symbol of World AIDS Day is the red ribbon, which symbolizes that people should “heart” participate in the work of preventing AIDS.
In June 1981, the first clinical description of the cases that will be measured after Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). From 1981 to 2021, it is estimated that 4 billion people worldwide have died of this disease .

In addition, it is estimated that there are approximately 3.8 billion people living with HIV in the world, and the death toll is approximately 700,000. What we should note is that AIDS is an infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS), which is the cause of the destruction of the immune system. Therefore, people with HIV do not necessarily infect other people.

Our achievements in fighting AIDS

2021 marks 40 years since AIDS was first diagnosed in the world. Luckly , AIDS treatment and research have made great progress in recent years, mainly to curb the impact of this disease and greatly reduce the number of victims.

Even so, information and prevention campaigns are the key. So commemorating World AIDS Day .it is essential to bring this issue to the forefront and remember that the virus and disease have not disappeared.


How to better disseminate knowledge about AIDS

On this World AIDS Day, we recognize that, in order to overcome and end AIDS.we will wear the AIDS lapel pins   in December every year. The meaning of the red ribbon logo: the red ribbon is like a link, which closely connects the people of the world. Fighting AIDS together, it symbolizes our care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS patients; it symbolizes that we must use our “heart” to participate in the work of preventing AIDS.

For United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: Health is a human right, and health should be the realization of universality. In order to encourage people’s love for life and desire for peace, AIDS-based marathons will be held throughout the world during November and December. On the one hand, it is to work together with everyone to exercise prevention.

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