Why is the marathon 42 km long

Speaking of exercise, keep a healthy life. The first thing that comes to mind is the marathon. Speaking of the well-known marathon.Did you know that there was no marathon in the beginning? Do you know why is the marathon 42 km long? Read on to find out what you want to know.

Athenians on the coast of Marathon, not far from Athens, and it’s called the Persian War. And it was originally a war against aggression, and fortunately, the Athenians won.  After the victory of the war, Feidipitz as a famous “fast”.In order to let the local people early know the good news, he ran quickly. when he ran to Athens, has been out of breath, still in excitement shouted “huan…… Rejoice, Athenians, we…… Victory! ” They fell to the ground dead. To commemorate this event, the first Modern Olympic Games held in 1896. The marathon was established as a race, feidipitz that year’s mail mileage – 42.193 kilometers as the distance of the race. 

Marathon was originally a place name in Greece. It’s 30 kilometers northeast of Athens. Its name comes from the Phoenician marathus, meaning “aniseed,” because of the many aniseed trees that grew there in ancient times. The name of the sport’s marathon race comes from this.

The marathon has been running for 125 years. The birth of marathon also affected the appearance of MEDALS.The significance of MEDALS is because you insist on finishing the whole way of the reward.As time goes by, MEDALS have gradually become a necessary gift of marathon. When you finish, you will receive a medal as a souvenir gift. If you want to learn more about marathons or marathon MEDALS, go to