Coffee shop celebration gift

The pros and cons of coffee scoops

Coffee is one of the biggest selling beverages in the world. I believe there are cafes everywhere around you.
There are many functions of coffee, the main functions are: produce a refreshing effect, burn fat, a source of antioxidants, help burn fat, improve endurance and exercise performance; prevent diabetes; prevent liver cancer and colorectal cancer; can prevent dementia; can Prevent Parkinson’s disease;Reduce mid-stroke rate;

Many adults should be accustomed to drinking a cup of coffee to start the day. For most people, as long as the caffeine intake is not excessive, there is generally no health condition. Many of the above health benefits can be enjoyed, but if you drink too much Coffee, with excessive caffeine intake, may cause the following conditions:

nervousness, anxiety, irritability
Gastroesophageal reflux or heartburn (fire heart)
dizziness or feeling restless
Fast or irregular heartbeat (palpitations or irregular heartbeat)

What aspects should be considered for coffee shop celebration gifts

When a coffee shop is doing promotions, the promotion gifts can be screened from the habits of most customers and the advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

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4 Coffee shop celebration gift

Custom moka pot with store logo
The cost of the moka pot is not expensive and is acceptable to most customers. When the store is celebrating, it can be given to senior members as a commemorative gift according to the membership level.

Coffee shop celebration gift

Custom coffee mugs are a great option
Ceramic coffee mugs usually cost less than $1.20. You can engrave the text you need on the coffee mug. For example, remind guests to consume less than 300-400 grams of caffeine a day. You can also write shop slogans.

Custom logo keychain:
Custom keychains are an affordable promotional gift option. You can use the store’s LOGO, as well as phone, address, information, etc. as keychain design elements.

coffee keychains

Custom coffee spoon

Custom coffee spoon is the perfect gift for any occasion.We use 304 stainless steel and environmentally friendly zinc alloy materials to make custom engraving logo spoons, and the products can pass the inspection of authoritative institutions

custom coffee spoon-5