How to choose cufflinks

How to choose cufflinks?

If you do not know how to choose  cufflinks, you can refer to the following collocation.

Office occasions: white shirt with transparent color or dark blue cuff links, dark blue or black tie is recommended, will produce a trustworthy feeling.
Competition occasions: dark blue thick straight stripe shirt with metal texture cufflinks, ties choose dark color, easy to produce convincing effect.
The occasion: A pink shirt paired with dark cufflinks and an Oxford diagonal stripe tie gives a relaxed, casual feel.
Happy occasion: pink shirt with metallic cufflinks, ties choose pink and purple bicolor column can let oneself appear more vitality is infinite

Important occasion: gray shirt with silver cufflinks, with bright silver monochrome tie, a dignified effect, but also image bonus benefits.
Black crystal cufflinks and white shirt, formal sense of dignity.
Gold cufflinks, on the other hand, pair with a bright shirt for a gorgeous, stylish look.
And silver cufflinks match gray shirt, have composed noble effect.
It’s not nice to hide nice cufflinks, so whether it’s a shirt or a suit, you should show them off.

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