Why are enamel pins so popular

Why are enamel pins so popular?I’m sure you have that question. Now I’ll answer it for you

Custom logo pins enamel pins

Enamel is suitable for any pin badge design

Enamel process is the most popular lapel pins making process, it is suitable for any design.  Enamel can be applied to school emblems, corporate logos, cartoons, non-profit logos, and nameplates.  You can see Disney lapel pins, NASA lapel pins, they all have enamel pins

In terms of design style, enamel badge is not restricted.  Punk style, Gothic style, cute style, etc., you just need to use your imagination.  In supporting the stars, KPOP Pins is going mainstream.

Custom lapel pins are available for price

Every custom lapel design is unique. We use stainless steel molds to make a small number of cranks, which makes it cheaper to quantify the price. Almost everyone can easily get custom lapels. The following is a base for custom soft enamel pins prices.















































































The specific price will be calculated for you according to your design, size and quantity.  One color, size less than 0.75 inch, quantity more than 20,000, the price will be $0.25

Lapel pins is the One of the best brand promotion tools

On National Day, you’ll see government personnel wearing flag lapel pins; in presidential campaigns, you’ll see candidates wearing lapel pins to campaign for themselves; for nonprofits, they’ll use pin badges to promote their communities. The school has a school badge to show the school’s style and culture. Both the hard enamel pin badge and the soft enamel badge are an amazing branding tool.

Pin emblems have such a wide range of applications, which is probably why so many marketing companies and advertising companies order from Yuehui Gifts. It allows you to spend the least amount of money and get more exposure.

How to Customize a Variety of Lapel Pins

It is very easy for custom pin badges .Just  3 Steps :

1,Send you ideas to us.Whatsapp:+8613530105134  Emial:yuehuigift@gmail.com 

2,We will send you  artwork after receive your request.

3,Confirm order and payment